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Research assistant

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for research and development department internal circuit board welding, commonly used components classification, filing;

2. Responsible for technical document classification management within the research and development department;

3. Responsible for project cost control within the department, fixed assets inventory statistics, material drawing statistics, research and development laboratory management.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree, major in electronic industry work experience is preferred;

2. With good software for office use and electronic components identification ability;

3. Character cheerful, good communication skills, strong subjective initiative.

Quality inspection process engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for research and development department to finalize the design product of the production process and develop advanced;

2. Responsible for product quality control and inspection specifications set;

3. Responsible for mature output related products BOM and SOP, establish product archives.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above Have engaged in related work in electronic industry is preferred;

2. Have good communication ability and team consciousness ability, bear hardships and stand hard work.

A software engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. According to the requirements of the hardware engineer interface, communication protocol, or write software design input, and is responsible for the later software debugging, upgrade and maintenance, instructions and so on to write;

2. The standard software development process, according to actual condition and digest some outsourcing system application software and can according to the use of the dynamic link library or other underlying encapsulation for secondary development.

3. The algorithm of the software engineer is responsible for implementing the algorithm based on other development transformation, achieve the ultimate interactive software development;

4. Be responsible for the instrument systems and tests and related software design, testing, maintenance and other work, participate in software architecture design;

Job requirements:

1. Be familiar with the VS2010 series software, eclipse, such as c + + builder application software development environment.

2. Proficient in c, c + +, Java and other programming languages;

3. To complete the MFC, web, database, based on the android APP and other programming and transplantation, with actual project experience is preferred.

4. Be familiar with android applications APP to the system resources such as USB, GPS, WIFI calls, and can be integrated into the APP, with actual project experience is preferred.

5. Have certain hardware, clear communication process, the hardware and software according to the actual communication interface and software development way;

6. Bachelor degree or above.

Market development commissioner

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, aged 22 to 30.

2, positive working attitude, bears hardships and stands hard work, strong sense of responsibility, can work under high pressure.

3, with strong market development ability and team cooperation ability, interpersonal communication and negotiation skill and customer service consciousness.

4, enterprising, has the goal and confidence to become elite team

5, have experience in sales, market research and market development or related experience of the environmental protection industry experience and contacts will be an advantage.

6, familiar with office software, independent tabulation mapping and use PPT report.

7, can adapt to short-term domestic business, any area.

8, agriculture, environmental protection, the material, the physical, chemical and geological background will be an advantage, have certain ability of data analysis.

Job responsibilities

1, responsible for the marketing information collection and the analysis of the competitors, enough research all kinds of report and data analysis report independently;

2, develop new markets, new customers visit;

3, responsible for the planning and execution of customer business;

4, maintain the government management, customer relationship and customer long-term strategic cooperation between the plan;

5, go out to lead tester on the field test and analysis of experimental data, with data analysis report;

6, responsible for the collection and evaluation of the industry's policy;

7, to participate in all kinds of environmental protection industry, it and the promotion of company products;

8, deal with the various areas of business development of certificates and qualifications.

Outreach specialist 

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, aged 22 to 30, outgoing personality, good image and characteristic;

2, have certain ability of document writing and planning, writing, summary analysis ability, logic is clear;

3, familiar with office software, independent tabulation drawings and use PPT report.

4, familiar with the process of working for the government, the government's work procedures and culture has a very thorough understanding of, have the ability to communicate with government leaders.

5, the government public relation work experience more than one year, can adapt to work overtime and short term business trip;

6, have strong ability of communication and coordination ability and under pressure;

7, there are government programs related working experience, preferred;

8, economy, management, marketing, public relations, material, physics, chemistry, etc.

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the relevant government departments, as well as follow up of the project;

2, responsible for information collection and assessment of the industrial policy;

3, responsible for the project application, bidding, project management and related statistical work;

4, maintain and develop the government relations;

5, the government project application, collect government preferential policies and related reporting work, cooperate with project manager for a major government project to carry out the special pr work;

6, targeted government public relations planning, planning and implementation of research, reporting, discussion and daily visit, such as public relations strategy, constantly enhance the company's business direction and the direction of the government department work alignment;

7, in a timely manner to understand the latest information on policies and regulations or, in charge of the government policy research and analysis;

8, be responsible for coordinating the government visit reception and attend the meeting.

Circuit engineer

1. Proficient in familiar with digital and/or analog circuit design, to analyze and draw sequence and conventional op-amp circuit;

2. Experience in PCB design, can be welding conventional patch components and corresponding selection, outsourcing communication, etc.;

3. Able to skillfully use the oscilloscope, signal generator and other equipment; To be able to use Altium desiger \ development tools such as Protel, Keil for design and analysis;

4. Familiar with Matlab or c + + and other basic programming software, can write simple signal test, data analysis program, etc.;

5. On 5 s management experience, have a bright and cheerful disposition has a very good communication skills, personal strong upward mobility is preferred;

6. Relevant professional: communications equipment/communication engineering/automation/electronics engineering.

Packaging engineer

1. Proficient in semiconductor packaging, to the LED, the photoelectric device or high pressure device packaging experience is preferred;

2. Be familiar with the wire bond, SMT, Flip chip encapsulation process;

3. Be familiar with the shell encapsulation and air tightness encapsulation, encapsulation and ceramic, etc.;

4. Familiar with the device reliability evaluation;

5. Have good communication ability and team consciousness Bear hardships and stand hard work.

Market engineer

1, bachelor degree or above in science and engineering, material science or nuclear physics specialty is preferred;

2, English cet 4 or above, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing, able to skillfully read related English product information and application documents;

3, have good interpersonal communication and presentation skills, careful and meticulous, a strong sense of responsibility, timely solve the customer's requirements;

4, related industry marketing experience is preferred.

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