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Company Profile  


Imdetek Corporation Ltd (Imdetek) is a high-tech enterprise founded in August 2012, supported by North Western Poly-technical University, which now is located in the Zhouling Industrial Park in Xi’an city, Shaanxi Province. In October 2013 Imdetek was approved as ISO9001 certificated supplier.

As a professional manufacturer of CZT detectors in China, Imdetek working on CZT crystals growth and detectors for more than 20 years. Imdetek provides CdZnTe radiation detectors,probes and radiation imaging system solutions. Variety of II-VI compound crystal, including substrate CdZnTe single crystal, CdTe single crystal, ZnTe single crystal, CdMnTe single crystal are also available. It has accumulated lots of professional customers all over the world.

Imdetek will continue to devote to being one of the the best low dose, high resolution CdZnTe detectors and system solutions supplier in the world.


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