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Spectrum detecting module

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PDT-02A2   α/β/γ-ray Differentiation Detector

PDT-02A2 series detectors are super small sized detectors based on planar CZT. They can detect α-ray, γ-ray and β-ray simultaneously.

PDT-02A2 integrates CZT crystal, low noise charge preamplifier circuit, SK shaping circuit and high-voltage circuit. With ordered cable, it can output Quasi-gaussian signal or digital signal for back-end data processing unit.

Referred to the graph, α-ray andβ-ray are mainly act on CZT1. But the energy of α-ray is far higher than β-ray. So we can tell the two rays according to their amplitude. γ-ray energy will deposit both in CZT1 and CZT2, and there energy deposit are seemingly even. So through comparing these in the two detectors, they can tell γ-ray. At the same time, it will filter out the interference of signals from β-ray.


n  Highly sensitive

Room temperature working


Environment system

Security system



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