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Spectrum detecting module

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DT-01C1    CZT Probe

DT-01C1 is a hemisphere CZT based probe in a super small size. It can detect X-ray and low energy γ-ray in a high resolution.

DT-01C1 integrated customized CZT crystal and low noise charge sensitive preamplifier. It can convert X/γ-ray into exponential decay signal. Working with five-pin cable, high and low power supply, main amplifier,those signals will be direct into multi-channel pulse analyzer and then the energy spectrum will be formed.


■ Portable & user friendly

■ Room temperature working

■ High energy resolution

■ Quick response

■ Long-time stability


■ Homeland security

■ Anti-terrorism

■ Energy spectrum detecting

■ Nuclear science & technology

■ Defect detection

Food safety detecting

Environment monitoring

■ Medical diagnosis



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