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  • Brief instruction of Imdetek Co., Ltd's CZT

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  • CZT with CdTe difference?

    1) for sanyuan tellurium cadmium zinc, cadmium telluride in two original and therefore easier to cadmium telluride preparation; 2) tellurium cadmium zinc forbidden band width of about 1.57 eV, cadmium telluride 1.4 eV.
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  • What is CZT?

    CdZnTe (CZT) semiconductor is a kind of excellent properties of room temperature X-ray and gamma ray detector in environmental monitoring, medical diagnosis, industrial nondestructive detection,
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  • The comparison of semiconductor detector?

    The comparison of semiconductor detector?The comparison of semiconductor detector?The comparison of semiconductor detector?The comparison of semiconductor detector?
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  • The working principle of CZT detector?

    When ray to the role of CZT crystals, crystal internal generation of electrons and holes, under the action of electric field, negatively charged electrons and positively charged holes respectively
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  • What is a semiconductor detector?

    A semiconductor detector has two electrodes, and there is a certain bias. When incident particles enter the sensitive region of semiconductor detector, which produce electronic - hole
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